Florida Hospital joins The SixFinger Foundation Palliative Swag Campaign

The SixFinger Foundation today announced a partnership with Florida Hospital of Orlando, Florida. This partnership will facilitate The SixFinger Foundation’s Palliative Swag Campaign at four Florida Hospital outpatient radiation campuses where specially curated items will be distributed at no cost to alleviate, satisfy and support patients and their loved ones when facing cancer.

“The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute is extremely grateful to receive coloring books, pencils and other supplies from The SixFinger Foundation,” said Catherine Lindner, LCSW, OSW-C Outpatient Oncology Social Work Manager. “These items help keep our young patients entertained and relieve their stress while they undergo treatment. In addition, these supplies give the children of our adult patients something to do while their parents are being treated or resting to facilitate their recovery.”

The SixFinger Foundation made an initial donation to the Florida Hospital of 20 copies of Candles of Hope, 25 copies of Candles of Hope Colouring Book accompanied by 25 sets of Crayola coloring pencils.

“By partnering with GWL Publishing,” says L Free, Executive Director of The SixFinger Foundation, “we are able to distribute bundles of palliative swag that include copies of their Candles of Hope, a therapeutic poetry anthology written by cancer survivors and their families to address the emotional toll the disease takes on the entire family unit. We are looking forward to making additional donations to Florida Hospital, as well as other healthcare facilities.”

About The SixFinger Foundation:

The SixFinger Foundation is committed to providing a better future and strives to develop new relationships with communities and families seeking support. By forming strategic partnerships the not-for-profit organization seeks to create positive impact for families and their communities.

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